SSL Certificates

Protect your site from phishing, pharming and a host of other scams

SSL certificate benefits and features

Increase your site's security.
Boost customer confidence.

SSL certificates are very important for everyone running an online store - they are used to encrypt the connection between the visitor and the website, which is vital if the owner of the store plans to accept credit card payments. An SSL certificate will ensure that all the data sent from the user to the host server will be encrypted and can be read by the server only.

SSL certificates are also useful when it comes to login forms - they will ensure that the customer will log into a secured environment and that their username and password will be sent safely over the Internet.

SSL certificate features

The SSL certificates provided by ResellersPanel are based on the RapidSSL certificate (powered by GeoTrust) - they offer a 256-bit encryption, a $10 000 USD warranty and a static site seal for your website.

  • RapidSSL certificate (powered by GeoTrust)
  • 256-bit encryption
  • a $10 000 USD warranty
  • static site seal for your website
  • issued within 5 hours after the purchase

How to order your SSL.

1 Login to your Web Hosting or Domain control panel at

2 Look for advanced tab in the home screen.

3Click "SSL Certificates"SSL button and fill the CSR form.

NOTE: SSL certificates are issued within up to 5 hours after the purchase. A dedicated IP is required prior to the purchase of an SSL certificate.