Site Studio

Easy-to-use website builder

What is Site Studio?

SiteStudio website builder is very easy-to-use and can be quickly set up, following a few simple instructions.

You can create as many websites as you like with SiteStudio – a charge free Web Site Activation Tool. It is integrated into our hosting Control Panel and you can use it while working in the Control Panel. With SiteStudio your website can go live in about 10 minutes. No technical knowledge or special skills are required!

Explore our rich database of over 70 business-oriented templates in different color schemes.

  • Make your choice from morethan 70 templates to get a quick start online.
  • Build and update your site with a few mouse clicks.
  • Publish it with ONE CLICK
SiteStudio - Online Demo

Setting up SiteStudio

After you have signed up for a hosting account, setting up Site Studio is simple. When you have completed the account sign up process, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to log into your Control Panel:

1 Log into the Control Panel

2 Click on "Manage FTP" link in the "Site Manager" section. This will drive you to the FTP Manager of the Control Panel.

3 Click on the "Site Studio" link in the drop down menu on top of the page and activate your SiteStudio

4 Open your SiteStudio (the website builder will open in a new window.)

5 Enter the host info and FTP password (the FTP password you have received in the e-mail or previously set up) on the next page and click "login".

Over 70 business-oriented templates in different color schemes.

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IMPORTANT: After you have built your website with Site Studio, you can make further changes or additions to it using Site Studio or a different program to achieve greater flexibility while editing your website. However, you should know that if you edit your web pages with Microsoft FrontPage, you would not be able to edit your pages with Site Studio further, because FrontPages makes certain changes to files with security settings that make them incompatible with Site Studio.
In addition, if you upgrade your hosting plan to a static IP, to use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for instance, you may see that all the graphics from the pages that you created using Site Studio have disappeared. To correct this issue, start up Site Studio's Setting Page and click on Refresh Links. This will republish your website and will restore all the graphics that appeared missing.